Apartment lighting

Apartment lighting

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Villa lighting

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Interior facade lighting

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Types of wall washers
This piece is produced in different types of cascading, flagship, multi-color and full-color RGB, LED or LINER types and can be used to implement all kinds of lighting projects

Facade Lighting

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Facade Lighting
Exterior facade lighting of the building
According to the tastes of customers and the appearance of the building in the world of lighting, the facade of the building in two ways:
۱٫ Monochrome or solid color for residential or classic buildings
۲٫ DMX or programmable lighting for commercial buildings
Luminx has produced different products for lighting the facade of the building according to the needs of the customers
Here are some of these products for more information
۱٫ Walwasher
۲٫ Ridge LED
۳٫ Point Caller
۴٫ LED tube
۵٫ LED projector
۶٫ LED wall sconces
۷٫ Ridge Point
۸٫ Ridge tube
۹٫ Burial lamps and
Each of these products has its own use in building lighting


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نورپردازی نمای ساختمان

نورپردازی نمای ساختمان

نورپردازی نمای ساختمان
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Hall lighting

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Driver 24 watt series model L24W-BS
Driver 24 watt series L24W-BS D model (LOMINEX24W-BARE BOARD SERIAL)
A Brief Overview of Digital Transformers
This type of driver is used to set up lamps consisting of power LEDs such as RGB wallpapers, RGB projectors, RGB burials and other similar products
Each driver is designed from 3 channels (R-G-B) with programmability
The existing driver is a function of the standard DMX 512 protocol and can only be launched with DMX 512 series controllers
It is programmable with the ability to connect to the controller device, and also if not connected to the controller, it is able to play a number of effects by default from the internal memory of the IC without the need to connect to the controller
Technical parameters of digital converters
Board size: 48L × ۲۶W) MM)
Input voltage: DC (12V ~ 30V) V
Output current per line: 300MA 5.5%
Output power of each line: (1-6) W
Maximum power consumption: up to 20 watts
Connection mode: in series
Transfer protocol: DMX-512
Transfer mode: RS-485
Maximum distance between the two drivers: If you use a cable with excellent quality 100 meters
Address mode: programmable and connect to the controller
Controller: DMX-512 controller
Device performance at temperature: – 30 ° C ~ 45. C
Driver weight: 10 grams
Moisture tolerance: 5%
This controller is able to set up the following ICs
TM1803 / TM1809 / TM1804 / TM1812 / ……
UCS1903 / UCS1909 / UCS1912 / UCS2903 / 2909/2912 / ……
WS2811, BS0825 / BS0901 / BS0902 / ……
J69 / J08 / F16 / J12 / J68 / F01 / ……
D63 / D06 / D08 / D16 / D12 / D01 / ……
Programmable with LOMINEX LED PLAYER software and save the output file on SD card
Play effects manually and automatically
Multiple controllers can be synchronized through the city’s power frequency
Input voltage V B 220
FEATURE & PROTECTION protection feature
Has reverse connection protector
You have a short circuit protection for the input and output of the signal
You have a protector to prevent the driver from overheating
Voltage supply sources
To achieve the desired result, use high quality switching power, the input voltage of the driver is selected according to the lamp. See the voltage source table for more information
If you use 24-watt and 21-watt bulbs, seek the help of a technician to test and install it
If you use 9-watt, 6-watt, and 3-watt power lamps, and have to use a 12-volt power supply, be sure to check your circuit before use to avoid light loss. Because this depends directly on the power LED used in the lamp and the voltage of each LED
Our recommendation is to pay attention to the above table
Transfer distance
Distance between drivers: If you use high quality wire such as RG 45 with low resistance up to 100 meters, you can remove the controller from the first lamp or two drivers without worrying about noise
Between the driver and the LED lamp: The shorter the distance, in fact, the higher the current stability
How to connect
PCB-LED output terminal: which is in the form of VCC R G B + from the board of the LED lamp to its similar place, VCC R G +, is connected to the board of the driver by wire
Input signal: Connect A B GND from the controller terminal of the AI ​​BI GND to the board of the DMX512 driver, and also connect the output signal of the previous module to AO, BO and GND with the 3-core wire to the GND AI BI of the next DMX512 board, respectively. Connect
Connection diagram
Manual SELF-CHECK review
To check the signal in this way, connect the driver to the lamp without being connected to the main control signal. When the device is turned on, 7 colors change over time
Connection by main controller (MAIN CONTROLLER
When the lamps are connected to the main controller, they will be under control
When the power is on, avoid working and wiring the drivers separately as this will damage the driver board

LED LED Flashlight Frame

The use of steel rims in this LED burial LED lamp frame increases the life of the body and prevents premature rusting in the outer parts of the LED LED burial lamp frame. Due to the fact that LED burial products are usually installed in the passage of passers-by and cars, so this frame has a very strong glass and body, which increases the physical resistance
The LED Flashlight Lamp Frame is provided with a PCB that minimizes assembly and build time
The LED Flashlight Lamp Frame has a pre-installed frame with a plastic body, and the location of the gold is such that if you want to seal, a very small amount of insulation material is used
LED LED Flashlight Frame is available in 1-3-5-7-9 watts

LED flashlight frame

LED Flashlight Frame for Building Hidden and Worked Lights on Earth
Light output from one side of the headlight
Made of durable metal, sturdy plastic and waterproof for outdoor use
It has durable rubber rings to prevent water from penetrating the top and bottom of the frame (cable exit part)
Designed for making lights – watt LEDs
It has enough space to put the driver inside the piece
Part accessories include PCB
Dimensions of the piece: the diameter of the upper part of the frame is 10 cm and the height of the frame is 11 cm

The latest dance stage

Latest dance stage: This product is for wedding halls, dance halls and concert halls

This product can be produced in 100 × ۱۰۰ cm dimensions and if more numbers are needed, more blocks can be connected
LED stage in various designs such as
۱٫ Black Line
۲٫ Blackpoint
۳٫ light box
It can be produced

The features of this product, which is produced by Luminx Group, are as follows
۱٫ Various designs
۲٫ Different colors
۳٫ Connector connection
۴٫ Easy to transport
۵٫ High strength
۶٫ High resistance to water penetration

Lominex Group has been able to produce dance stages according to the tastes of customers and meet their needs.

Lominex dance stage also has the ability to plan and execute a variety of lighting effects with the ability to be sensitive to music and the singer’s voice

Digital tube

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Digital tube
Full color digital tube is one of the most up-to-date lighting components that has many advantages over other lighting equipment. Using advanced SMD technology, this part has a very high light intensity and quality, and in addition, due to the type of material used in the construction and assembly of the part, it has a very long life and image resolution.

What are the uses of a full-color digital tube?

This piece has been widely used in shops and passages, all kinds of billboards, stands and exhibition stands, behind the scenes of Chelnium letters and also as a display of building facades in the facades of administrative and commercial centers for lighting the facades of buildings. Here are some of the benefits of a digital tube that have made this piece widely used by panel makers.

What are the benefits of a full-color digital tube?

· Ability to play 16 million colors simultaneously
· Play movies, animations and text
· Play thousands of attractive and varied optical effects
· Easy planning via usb
· Easy and fast installation
· Waterproof and dustproof due to the use of strong connectors that have a washer and a plastic nut.
· Resistant to environmental conditions (waterproof and shockproof)
· Uniform image with high stability and no vibration
· Has easy-to-use Windows software

The use of full-color digital tubes creates a beautiful and dynamic space for better advertising, which will make the commercial and office space more visible and beautiful.
In this regard, Aratax Company, with the aim of expanding the use of modern display technologies to beautify and decorate towers and buildings, as well as creating an advertising space as part of the urban space, tries to meet the internal needs of the building in this regard. The entire facade of the building should be used as a huge and unique advertising medium

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