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Urban lighting

Urban lighting The price and durability of these TVs are the...
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Hall and garden lighting

Lominex Hall Lighting Company, in order to provide services and beautify...
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Commercial complex lighting

Facade Lighting Exterior facade lighting of the building According to the...
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Facade Lighting

Facade Lighting Exterior facade lighting of the building According to the...
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Facade lighting

Facade lighting is a very important part of the design

Because everything you see in half the time – at night – depends on how you light it

Generally, facade lighting is divided into two parts: outdoor lighting and indoor lighting

Lighting the exterior of the building

This section includes the exterior lighting of the building as well as the lighting of the premises

Modern building facade lighting

Modern facade lighting has conditions that are different from classic buildings or historic buildings

Based on their use, these buildings require different methods of lighting

Volumes themselves are the main purpose of lighting, which can be illuminated by creating  Or by adding spot lights to increase their effectiveness at night.appropriate light sources from the inside

Principles of building facade lighting

The appearance of the lighting should not interfere with the beauty and harmony of the hall
The light should be diffused from the walls and surfaces so that the images and objects inside the hall are well displayed

And create a relaxing environment for the audience. Use high-resolution CRI (80 and above) lamps with Color Rendering Index to get the best image
Limit direct light and reflected light as much as possible by using high-level diffusers and reflectors

Facade Lighting

The principles of building facade lighting in the past were specific to office, commercial and recreational places, and in general, landmarks, while today the subject of building lighting has expanded to include

Residential Building Lighting – Commercial Building – Hotel Lighting – Area Lighting – Hall Lighting

Bank building – lighting of shopping centers




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